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Spirulina Testimonials

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Spirulina Testimonials

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

These wonderful tablets gave me back my strength. I suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome...I will never quit taking your tablets.
(H. Nowak, Helen, GA)

Energy/Resistance to Illness

I seem to be more energetic. I have better resistance to illnessit boosts my immune system.
(Carlene Kreetlove, Mazomani, WI)

Eyesight/Skin/Menstrual Pains

Spirulina in tablets and powder form has helped me and my family a lot. My eyesight has recovered from blurred vision. I have very tight sleep. Most of my pimples are gone and my face became more beautiful, not only because of smooth skin, but my eyes sparkle and dark spots around my eyes are gone. My menstruation pains are totally gone also. I feel really better. Thanks to Spirulina and God for such a wonderful discovery.
(Ellen Dimabayao, Los Angeles, CA)

Body Pains

This is an excellent product which has put the desire to live back in me. Before I started the tablets I was so miserable with pain of all kinds all over my body, shooting pains, tired pain in my hip, aches in my calves. I am now improved so that I can exercise, which is also good for me. My diet has not changed much nor my medication for diabetes and hypertension. However, my feeling is vastly different. I have told many others and started my two sisters and a fellow worker on it. I hope they are helped by it too, although mine was an extreme case which medical doctors and chiropractors couldn't seem to help.
(M. Honmyo, Seattle, WA)

Internal Hemorrhoids

My husband has internal hemorrhoids and Spirulina has controlled them remarkably.
(Paula Cramer, Salt Lake City, UT)

Energy/Mental Acuity/Immune System

I have a higher level of energy and mental acuity. It appears to strengthen my immune system.
(Pete Bauer, Mazomani, WI)


I am a 63 year old woman, have always been very active, and still have a cleaning service where I do a lot of the work myself. I've known for several years that I have the telltale signs of arthritis, the swollen joints in my fingers and a very tender lump on one of my knuckles. I was beginning to think I would have to give up my business as I was in so much pain, especially in my hands. Also, my ankles made a cracking noise when I walked.

A friend of mine told me about Spirulina and I thought, well I might as well give it a try. After taking Spirulina for three weeks, the first thing I noticed was that all the soreness and pain were gone from my hands and that my ankles didn't make a noise when I walked. After my second bottle, I could work eight and ten hours straight and still no pain. I was out of Spirulina after my third bottle and after two weeks the soreness and pain had returned. After starting back on Spirulina, within four days all the swelling and pain are gone. I have more energy and just feel better all over. I've stopped taking all my other vitamins. I find that taking three tablets in the morning and three at bedtime works best for me.

I've recommended Spirulina to several of my friends and family members who are now taking it with positive results. I know for myself I don't want to be without Spirulina again.
(A. Walls, Melbourne, FL)


I wish to tell you how much I appreciate the introduction to your Spirulina. I first became aware of the product when I asked a neighbor what her secret was in keeping in such good shape and how she gets so much energy. She told me that she had eaten your Spirulina for one year, and gets the energy from this product.

I was at that time in the process of moving, and was afraid, by doing all the work myself, I would hurt myself again, especially my shoulders (bursitis), and back (old age, I guess). I am 59 years old.
I started to eat 6 Spirulina tablets daily, two weeks before moving. Needless to say, I got through all with flying colors, experienced strength I had not known for a long time.
Thank you for making this product available to me. I feel younger, better, stronger, can work better with more energy. I am recommending your Spirulina to my friends, and for a good deed, I get them started with a first supply.
(E. Corderoy, Hilo, HI)

Resistance to Colds/Energy/Pain

I have been taking Spirulina for six months. Mostly six tablets a day, sometimes more. I started taking your Spirulina when I had a painful condition in my right knee from what I thought was arthritis. Within two weeks, I had no pain left. It also gave me so much energy. I have not been hungry between meals.

I also noticed that I do not get colds and that during the flu season, even though I was in contact with my family who did have the flu, I did not get it. I know that when I forget to take Spirulina my symptoms returned. I know this natural product is from God. I recommend it to anyone. Thank you.
(C.B. Lang, lndiatlantic, FL)


I am 64 years of age and have had a bone density test. They determined I have arthritis in two vertebrae, pelvic bone, and knee joint. I was in so much pain it was hard to walk any distance and had trouble sleeping, as I would wake with severe pain in my entire right leg.

When I first heard about Spirulina I did not think it would work but I was willing to give it a try. After three weeks, I can now walk two miles without pain. I thank God for Spirulina and for Clara who told me about it.
(L. Enmon, Ontario, Canada)

Energy/Appetite Suppressant/Mental & Cognitive Improvement

I am a Nutritional Health Advisor, Chef, Yoga Practitioner and Teacher, Drummer and Writer. In over ten years of veganism I have tried many brands of Spirulina and Nutrex [Hawaiian] is by far the freshest and most potent form available on the market today. This has been confirmed by many nutritionist and scientist colleagues of mine. As a raw and living foodist, I consume Spirulina almost every day and it is one of my main sources of protein. I will never forget the first time I tried Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina; I had boundless energy, my appetite decreased and I finally felt like my brain was functioning adequately. This product has increased my mental and cognitive capacities remarkably! If you want to understand what is meant by the statement we use less than 2% of our brain, try this product and you will feel yourself accessing the remaining 98%.
(Shanti Devi Michal, New York City)

Sports Training

I use Spirulina simply because it works and it is 100% natural. I feel fitter, have a better resistance and recover more quickly after exertion, whether it is a heavy training session or a match. My last condition test showed clearly that I had more stamina than last year.
(Erwin Koeman, Dutch National Soccer Team, Holland)


I am a juvenile diabetic patient. After I have started taking Spirulina Pacifica [Hawaiian], I have found an amazing result. My fasting blood sugar count has come down from 294 mg to 120 mg. Thank you very much.
(Mohua Dasgupta, Kolkata, India)


Over the past year I have been taking Hawaiian Spirulina to neutralize some serious health problems. About four years ago I contracted acute and aggressive Ulcerative Colitis, necessitating the complete removal of my large intestine. In my particular case, this played havoc with my digestive system, especially in the area of essential nutrients.

During these last four years I have tried many health products and supplements and have had few permanent benefits. Most of these products helped for a short term, but were unable to sustain that on a continuing basis. Since discovering Hawaiian Spirulina, I have appreciated its benefits over an entire year. Its effects have not diminished, and I have found this to be a major source of my nutritional intake. Since taking Hawaiian Spirulina, I have felt myself being able to increase my energy levels and feel it has helped in my general lifestyle.
(Marie Cleanthous, St. Georges, South Australia)

Physical Enrichment Without Being Rich

I am not affluent and cannot afford a rich diet for my family. But Spirulina Pacifica [Hawaiian] has taken worries off me. Today with this Spirulina Pacifica every member of my family is physically enriched without being rich. Thank you Spirulina Pacifica.
(Indranath Mondal, Sonarpur, India)


I am a national level swimmer currently in the Australian Telstra Dolphins Swim Team. I have been selected in the Australian Under 18 Team that competed in the Sydney Youth Olympics 2001.

I have only been using Spirulina for a short time but believe it has helped greatly with training and recovery. It gives me more energy and endurance. I recently swan a 2 km time trial with a 30 second personal best.
(David Cox, Beechboro, West Australia)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Hawaiian Spirulina! Have you heard of it? I would like to inform every person out there of this wonderful natural health food that comes in powder or tablet form.
Some years ago after running my swimwear shop alone for 13 years, I was completely exhausted and had chronic fatigue syndrome. I had to sell up and take two years out of my life trying to get better. Doctors can do nothing for you. My son had heard about Hawaiian Spirulina and bought some.
As each week went by I became stronger and happier and got into life again, my dark hair became shiny again, my nails grew stronger.
I SWEAR BY SPIRULINA and have been taking it for 6 years now.

I look at the cost as a wonderful way to eat healthy. As I am now 61 years of age and want to always do the most with my life, I will always take Spirulina. I have introduced it to all my family and friends and have watched them all sparkle with health and energy. Why dont you do yourself a favor also?
(Carol Prowse, Holloways Beach, Cairns, Australia)

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